An overview of Rachel’s life and career

08 Mar

Rachel Omeara went to Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst when she was 18 and as the British Army Officer, she also served in UK, Germany, as well as with Brigade of Gurkhas in Far East. By leaving in mid-twenties, she also took the skills of management and communication from Advertising and Marketing world, so working firstly for Saatchi Group of London, and then she moved to Dubai. On the other hand, having constantly been active in the drama ever since her childhood, Rachel also eventually succumbed to their love of acting, as well as enrolled in to the drama school for full time and being graduated from ALRA or The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts in London in the year 1999. Since the drama school, she also worked regularly, thereby establishing the successful career in acting which has included the extensive and diverse array of film, TV as well as the stage and theater projects. At the same time, her distinctive and exclusive voice is often heard in the voice over as well as in the narrations. 

A theatrical even since her childhood, Rachel eventually yielded to her love of theater and acting and then went in to complete time professional of drama training in ALRA which is also known as The Academy of Live & Recorded Arts, London, graduating in the year 1999. The work importantly benefited from the earlier life experiences. Ever since her drama school, she also worked endlessly and attained the considerable body of her work with the extensive diverse array of movie, theater and television projects. Not just this, Rachel also was the Green Card holder and so she was working in US, is SAG, she is now based in Los Angles. Latest and recent projects of filming work also included playing Coroner in the “Suspension of Disbelief” which is directed by the Mike Figgis; the prejudiced art guru of “Mr.Jones”; as joyous St. Rebecca which is comedy of Darius Film, ” “The Experiment” as well as Welcome Back Satan” is the psychological thriller with the Adrien Brody along with Forest Whitaker in where she plays role of The Administrator behind events of macabre, she even starred like Det. Jessica Rowan in indie thriller of “Hawt Bullet”, in the post-production. 

Rachel was even seen on small screen during this year with the Ellen Degeneres in Victorian Hat Shop of national commercials for the JC Penney, and such fall would be on latest sketch of Nick Cannon Comedy Show of The Cartoon Network. She has repeatedly performed brilliant at the main room of Comedy Store and is the member of Beverly Hills Masterclass, which is directed by the Howie Deutch. In addition to this, her earlier marketing as well as business skills have been also put to great use to establish the small film as well as theater development company, of the Scarlet-t Screen Ltd, that has attained the seed money for progress the inspiring TV drama, as well as it has also produced various corporate projects of theater.