Boston, MA - June 28, 2010 - Analytix Solutions, a professional services firm providing virtual accounting, bookkeeping and CFO-level services, announced the re-launch of its website The new website comes with a new look and feel and easy navigation for all visitors and is aimed at ensuring that visitors find the services and information they are looking for. The re-vamped website also offers a lot of free takeaways like datasheets, case studies, newsletters etc., which are accessible easily.

Analytix Solutions was formed in 2005 with the vision of Satish Patel, a CPA and Kirit Patel, a techie. The company started off providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions to small and mid-sized companies. Due to the quality of its services and its experienced promoters, the company later also ventured into value-added services like IT, web marketing, data entry and CADD. The combination of all these services makes Analytix a one-stop shop for all services - right from accounting and bookkeeping to data entry and CADD. Customized packages from Analytix also save businesses up to 40% in costs of hiring in-house resources. All of Analytix's solutions are scalable, giving its clients flexibility of choice. With the latest electronic document management system, all Analytix clients have a 24/7 access to their books. Due to such a strong profile, the company boasts of a 95%+ annual renewal rate of existing accounting and bookkeeping clients, with over 50% scaling up their requirements to value-added services like IT, data entry or CADD.

"Our service portfolio was already strong, but we wanted to give our website visitors free and useful add-ons like datasheets and newsletters," says Mark Walsh, Marketing Manager for Analytix Solutions. "With this re-launch, we give our visitors a new look and feel, value additions and ease of use. Now, in addition to our scalable and affordable solutions, our website visitors have more to come back to."

About Analytix Solutions

Analytix Solutions is a one-stop back office service provider for outsourced accounting services, outsourced bookkeeping services and Part Time CFO services for small and mid-sized businesses. Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, all of Analytix's bookkeeping accounting services are customized according to specific business requirements. In addition to its core services, Analytix also offers value-added services like IT, Web Marketing, Data Entry and CADD. Analytix's new website can be accessed from The Analytix sales team can be reached at [email protected] or 781 503 9004 for a free consultation.

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