Andhra Pradesh MLA Bhikshapathi Yadav Attended Go Green Walk at Gachibowli

07 Mar

The students of GITAM University, Hyderabad were very much moved by the participative gesture of Bhikshapathi Yadav, MLA from Serilingampally who not only attended the Green Walk program at Gachibowli, but also participated in it by walking alongside the students. 


The walk captioned as Go Green Walk was organized by the students to spread awareness about environment friendly approach and attitude in our daily life. Known for his love of mixing with people, particularly youngsters, Bhikshapathi Yadav made it a point to curtail some of his other important engagements to spend time among the students of GITAM University. He led the walk from the front for a certain distance


“It is my pleasure to participate in this walk for environment at the call of the youngsters and I am overjoyed by the kind of reception that I have received from the student community” remarked the MLA from Serilingampally.


Before the flag off, Bhikshapathi Yadav addressed the huge gathering of visitors and students and praised them for their effort to spread awareness about improving the environment. Sporting a white tee shirt that had been specially designed for the participants on this occasion, he was seen mingling closely with the masses. 

A girl, who was pleasantly surprised to see the MLA walk with them, shared her experience. “This is the third time that I have been present in a program concerning the environment. I have always seen that people from the political world always try to gain mileage out of such invitations. But, Bhikshapathi Yadav has proved me wrong. He has been more than sincere to the cause and remained with us till the end. It’s really motivating.” 

On the sidelines of the event, the press was too keen to gauge the reaction of the students about the participating MLA. They were seen talking too many of them sporadically. After the walk was completed, they made a beeline to have the MLA’s response on the event. 

The MLA was quick to highlight “I am amazed at the conviction and commitment shown by these youngsters towards the environment. Not a single smoker could be identified by me in the huge crowd. It only shows that today’s youth is ready to lead by example and they believe in what they say.” 

Once again, Bhikshapathi Yadav has demonstrated his intent of being with the people and upholding their causes that benefit the society. 

About Bhikshapathi Yadav: 

Bhikshapathi Yadav aged about 58 years, is an MLA of the Congress party from Serilingampally in Andhra Pradesh. With his base strongly rooted among the masses, he has always championed people’s causes. He believes in leading by example and has strongly promoted environmental issues. For more details, visit 

For Media Name:
Bhikshapathi yadav
MLA Congress Party
Serilingampally, Andhra Pradesh, India