The Answerfoods Shake and Pudding Diet may eliminate hunger with 300% of the USRDA each day.

Troy, MI, January 05, 2010 -- If your New Year’s Resolution includes losing weight, Debbie Beyer from Answerfoods has a warning: Be careful, because extreme dangerous dieting - (The Dieting Death Spiral) - left her with Medically Induced Lupus. It almost killed her.

As more people fail on diets they start right after the beginning of the New Year; they are willing to try even more extreme, radical and dangerous diets to lose weight.

Debbie is giving this warning because she was one of the thousands who tried diet after diet and failed, then turned to extreme dieting. Her weight went from 180 pounds down to 102 pounds in 6 months. This desperation to lose weight led to insufferable constant hunger while eating only Green Beans, Pickles and Lettuce (600 calories a day). Debbie’s energy level was so low; she had to conserve and save up energy just to go grocery shopping. The price of dangerous dieting or the Dieting Death Spiral was too high of a price to pay.

Her extreme nutrient deficiency led to a dangerous heart arrhythmia. Doctors prescribed Beta Blocker medication. Her energy level continued to drop and the pain all over her body continued to increase. Then the big shock came when Debbie was diagnosed with Medically Induced Lupus.

Extreme Dieting had now threatened her life.

Debbie’s medical problems led to 14 years of looking for the right answers. Answerfoods was formed by Debbie to provide the answers for thousands of people who are looking for the safest and fastest way to lose weight and keep it off. She launched her food company in March 2009 with one product. The Answerfoods Shake and Pudding Diet may eliminate hunger with 300% of the USRDA each day not to mention it tastes almost decadent. Her company has an entire Nutrient Dense Grocery Line in the works including Oatmeals, Cereals, Soups and Peanut Butters. Debbie even helped develop a 14 week Wellness Program that is being taught in communities. This will help others avoid the Dieting Death Spiral through a new understanding and relationship with food.

There must be something to her warning to others: Her company had a 270% increase in business in November 2009. You can get more information at or follow her company on Twitter @ DietTipOfTheDay

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