(Submit Articles) Anxiety has tip-toed into almost every individual's life these days. Only the degree of anxiety varies from person to person. It is definitely an adverse effect of the modern ways of living. Before the advent of modernity, life, all would agree, was difficult, slow yet peaceful, but as time rolled on, we got ourselves involved in to a rat race and lost our peace of mind.

The disorder anxiety is characterized by exaggerated, unnecessary worry about every possible event of life. The worries usually grow out of proportion and leave a serious impact on the individual's life. Too much of worrying can interfere with the person's health, causing cardiac, pulmonary and gastrointestinal disorder. The common types of anxieties include panic disorders, phobia or irrational fear, generalized anxiety disorders or multiple worries troubling the mind at the same time, obsessive compulsive disorder or irresistible intrusive thoughts and repetitive behavior, separation anxiety disorders and stress disorders.

Causes of Anxiety

1. Work stress, financial stress, peer pressure, emotional trauma.
2. Heredity
3. Personality
4. Effect of medications
5. Withdrawal from addictives like alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.
6. Abnormal neurotransmitters level in brain.
7. Serious medical sicknesses like anemia, asthma, infection.
8. Dearth of oxygen or altitude sickness.

Symptoms of Anxiety

1. Restlessness
2. Irritability
3. Sweating
4. Muscle tension
5. Trembling
6. Headaches
7. Lack of concentration
8. Insomnia
9. Nausea
10. Fatigue
11. Frequent urination
12. Exaggerated, unrealistic view of problems
13. Diarrhea
14. Palpitation
15. Breathing difficulty
16. Dizziness
17. Abnormal heart rhythms

Home Remedies for Anxiety

1. Taking a warm bath with 1/3rd cup baking soda and 1/3rd cup ginger added to bath water can relieve one of anxiety.

2. 2 cups of celery juice and grated onions may be consumed daily to get relief from nervousness. They are rich in folic acid and potassium, and deficiencies of these minerals can cause anxiety.

3. One can soak about 10 almonds in water overnight. The next days, the skin of the almonds are to be peeled off, they are to be crushed, added to a cup of warm milk, with a pinch of ginger and of nutmeg. The mixture may be drunk before going to bed. It alleviates tension.

4. An extensive body massages with sesame oil or sunflower, coconut or corn oil may yield beneficial results. The massage is to be done before morning bath or before going to bed at night.

5. To slow down a racing heart due to anxiety, one can take a glass of orange juice, mixed with one teaspoon honey and a pinch of nutmeg.

6. The aroma of orange can soothe a troubled mind. When one feels anxious, one may peel off an orange and inhale the aroma.

7. Inhaling rosemary can ease anxiety

8. A tea made by boiling two teaspoon of dried rosemary in a cup of water can calm the strained nerves.

9. Aromatherapy practiced with the help chamomile, lavender, clove and thyme can also calm the troubled mind.

10. A warm, icy or steamy bath can eradicate discomforts caused due to anxiety.

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