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28 Mar started its operation in January 2016 and this portal serves information, means of communication, internet services for its global community. This portal happens to be a part of the PT Digital Vertical Horizontal. One can refer to this portal for getting the latest update and news about the local election as well as other topics that revolves around the daily life.

In contemporary times, online news portal is one of the most sought-after sources for information and the latest news. These portals enable the mass to stay tuned with the world. Within a short while since its inception, has been able to make a place for itself in the hearts of the mass, serving authentic, quality, realistic,and most importantly, unbiased news, much ahead of the other news portals. has got an extensive network to source the latest news and information and it covers all topics that holds relevance to the daily life. For instance, one can get information related to Politics, Economy, Busienss, Lifestyle, Technology, and several other topics that revolves around the day-to-day life.

However, the services of are not restricted to the scope of providing news and information only. Community members can use this platform to share videos and photographs and hence, it fosters the exchange of views and can even find individuals with similar areas of interest.

“Our objective is to provide realistic and accurate information and news to the community members and facilitate communication between them. We have the best reporters and extensive network that enables us to source the latest news and information, ahead of other online portals. We adopt modern technology and hence, our services produce the finest experience. One can access our portal, even from the mobile devices. Our portal even serves as a medium of communication for our community members”, stated the spokesperson.

About is a part of the the PT Digital Vertical Horizontal and serve, information, means of communication, internet services for its global community.

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