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British original art dealer is furnishing a new type of UK home

Hampshire, United Kingdom, November 8th, 2010 ““ There’s a new market for long term homes out there, which has been created by the slump on house prices that started in 2008. Contemporary art dealer Art2Arts (http://www.art2arts.co.uk) is doing their bit by providing original Contemporary art to decorate each nook and corner of your house.

Two years in, the market has grown to the extent where the average Brit is now staying in the same house for almost 20 years: a time long enough that decorating for personal enjoyment rather than resale is now the first item on the menu. British based online art dealer Art2Arts has capitalised on this trend by supplying exemplary works of original contemporary art to homeowners all over the UK, who take advantage of the company’s free UK delivery, great delivery times and service to make a personal statement on the walls of their long term residence.

Art2Arts’ philosophy is very simple. All the art sold on site is completely original, created by genuine artists for sale around the world. For the British market, that means a friendly resource where art works that no-one else is going to have are available at the right price, 24 hours a day. Customers buying contemporary art from Art2Arts no longer need to trawl galleries looking for the “right“ piece; and they don’thave to buy reproductions that they know are going to be in other homes as well.

Everything available from the site is searchable by colour, by size, by style, by artist and by price ““ allowing customers to easily find the perfect piece for their living room, or their bedroom. Art2Arts even runs its own commission service, allowing customers to order bespoke works of contemporary art created by a favourite artist from the site according to exact specifications regarding colour, size and style. This is art selling at its most fresh and democratic ““ and it has made a whole new world of decorative appeal available to every house holder in Britain.

About Art2Arts
Art2Arts is a UK based company selling original works of contemporary art apart from landscape paintings, abstract art and wildlife paintings.

Company name: Art2Arts
30 Lower Derby Road


Visit the Author's website: http://www.art2arts.co.uk/