(Submit Articles) A single page in fundraising calendars is very different from other commercial calendar layouts out there. The fact that it is for fundraising means that there are a few different and essential elements that will make it extra special and functional at doing its job. If you are printing fundraising calendars on your own as well, you might be interested to know the key elements that you should put into your own custom calendar page. So read on and discover what you may need to know.

a. The feature image ““ Let me give you one of the basic parts of course. Fundraising calendars, like other commercial calendars typically have a featured image for each calendar page. This is the image that will basically be displayed for each month of the year.

The important thing to know about these featured images, if you are printing calendars for fundraising, is that they must be deliberately chosen to attract people to buying the calendars. So all of those images must be chosen, based on the specific preferences of the market you are aiming for. If you are targeting more home makers for example, then those images must be pleasant ones that homemakers like to have in their homes. The more you target these images the more appeal they have for the market.

b. The modified month table ““ All calendar pages of course must have a “month“ or calendar table. This is basically the calendar itself that has all the days of the month listed. For fundraising calendars, make sure that each page is modified with extra tidbits of information. Besides the addition of event labels for holidays, you may also want to add in spaces for custom notes plus other details such as the faces of the moon, solstices and equinoxes, season markers and even daylight savings time announcements. The more information your fundraising calendar contains the more useful it is and the better it gets picked up.

c. The fundraising promise ““ Now, you should never forget to add a little section in your calendar layouts about the promise of your fundraising. Always make sure that the reader understands why you are raising funds and the worthiness of the cause. It is important that you reinforce this throughout all the pages so that potential and current customers alike will feel better about buying your custom calendars.

d. The thank you section ““ Also, never forget to add a thank you for each page of the calendar. This does not have to be big, but it should be decently visible. It is good to thank people who buy the calendar so that they can feel better about paying a little extra (since it is for fundraising after all). You might even convince them to buy from you on the next year as well. So never forget to put in a line or two thanking people. It will have good long term effects.

e. The “author“ label ““ Finally it should be mandatory for you to put in a label about the producer or author of your custom calendars. This is a lead generator of sorts, hopefully promoting your cause and giving readers the opportunity to contact if you they want to help out more with your fundraising. Make sure you put in all your contact information including website and email details.

Now you know how to make a good fundraising calendar page. Those additional elements, plus the tweaks in the traditional areas should help you truly produce an appropriate page for a fundraising calendar. Never forget these elements whenever you print custom calendars for fundraising. Good luck!

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