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Unique new service keeps art store Art2arts head and shoulders above the rest

Hampshire, United Kingdom, January 27th, 2011 ““ If you have ever wanted to commission your own piece of contemporary artwork, it’s time to get on the phone. UK based original art supplier Art2arts has unveiled a wonderful new commission based art service, where customers can have their own piece of 100% genuine original artwork created for them: by talented contemporary artists according to their own personally created brief.

Art2arts, which has been making a huge hit on the art scene in the last couple of years, has made a business out of sourcing and supplying original art works to a nation hungry for something other than reproductions and poster prints. All of the art sold by Art2arts is completely unique and never reproduced at all: everything you buy from there exists only once, in your home. For something extra special, though, you can go to the Art2arts commission service and have your own piece of contemporary artwork created for you from scratch ““ so rather than buying something you see and like, you are having something painted for you according to your exact specifications.

Those specifications can be as detailed or as vague as you like. You could commission a piece by simply directing your artist to look at some paintings you know and like, and asking for something original based on them. Or you could ask for a particular size and colour scheme and leave the rest up to them. Get on down to http://www.art2arts.co.uk and see what their artists could do for you.

About Art2arts

Art2arts is a UK based supplier of genuine original art work. 100% original paintings on various subjects like landscape, cityscape, wildlife, figurative art available to be picked up as a collector’s piece or home decor item.

Company name: Art2Arts
30 Lower Derby Road


Visit the Author's website: http://www.art2arts.co.uk/