Article Speaks of Increase In Courier Jobs In Missouri, USA

26 Mar

A feature published last February on the website of Missouri, USA, newspaper the St. Louis Post-Dispatch analyses the manner in which courier jobs have subtly but inexorably increased their presence in the state capital. 

This increase was most noticeable in the restaurant industry, where the number of establishments offering home delivery has quadrupled. And while most of these services are still rather small, acting locally and servicing only a handful of restaurants around a certain area of the city, the fact remains that bicycle courier companies, once rather rare in St. Louis, are now thriving. 

According to the piece in question, this increase in the number of bike couriers offering their services around the capital of Missouri is largely due to the global tendency towards online shopping, which has been boosting demand for courier jobs for the past few years. The popularity and large volumes of demand for door-to-door delivery (an area once confined to newspapers, groceries and take-away food) has encouraged many cycling enthusiasts, both in the American city in question and elsewhere, to open their own businesses offering services in this sector – therefore meeting (and profiting from) the demand, whilst engaging in a pursuit they actively enjoy. 

According to the writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, these companies operate by either striking a flat-rate partnership with the restaurants and shops they service or, alternatively, buy said establishment’s menu items at a discounted rate and receive a portion of the profits after the delivery is made. 

As a result of the success they have been meeting with, the vast majority of these companies are looking to expand their portfolio in the near future, adding more restaurants and other establishments to the list of businesses they currently service, the piece states. 

The rapid expansion and thriving of companies offering courier jobs around St. Louis is seen by specialists in the area as being good for business, as it helps raise awareness about the existence of these services, the article concludes. 

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