Australia’s Leading Family Law Firm

20 Sep

Parramatta, Australia - Watts McCray are specialists in family law services. They have over 25 years of experience and are experts in their field. It's no secret that dealing with legal issues can be a stressful situation. Watts McCray helps their clients by offering the best possible representation.

Why Watts McCray are Australia's largest dedicated family law firm

When one has a need for legal help in the field of family law, they need an expert to represent them. Watts McCray has a team of specialists in their field. They believe that knowledge and expertise are the greatest tools of their trade.

Their team comprises of some of Australia's most respected family law specialists.  A professor of family law and a former chair of the Family Law Counsel make up part of that successful team.

Family law can often be a complicated and long, drawn-out affair. That's why it makes sense to enlist the services of experts in that area of law. Find out more about the team at

Offices all over Australia, partnerships across the globe

As one might expect from such a successful law firm, Watts McCray has a presence across the New South Wales, Canberra and the Central Coast.

They also have partnerships with matrimonial lawyers across Europe, Asia and the USA. That means they can represent you, regardless of your geographic location.

What sets Watts McCray apart from the rest

Having the right credentials for the job is one thing. But why do Watts McCray's clients recommend them to other people?

-    They have a strong reputation. They are well-known for settling disputes for their clients out of court;
-    They have a lot of experience. Clients can trust the judgement and guidance offered by Watts McCray. That's because they have experience in collaborative law. They also have experience of dealing with alternative dispute resolution methods;
-    They are specialists in their field. The team that make up Watts McCray are also experts in commercial, corporate and property law.

Comprehensive range of services

Family law is the core service that Watts McCray provides to its clients. But, the law firm also offer an extensive portfolio of services:

-    Alternative Dispute Resolution
-    Property Law
-    Commercial and Corporate Law
-    Wills and Estate Planning
-    Urgent legal applications

Online divorce application service

An innovative feature offered by Watts McCray is their online divorce application service. It's designed to be a quick solution for divorces where there are no children or shared assets.

To use the service, one only has to register on their website and apply online. If eligible, Watts McCray can then prepare, complete, file and serve the divorce application.

About Watts McCray

With more than 25 years of experience, Watts McCray is Australia's largest dedicated family law firm. They have more accredited lawyers on their team than any other practice. The team also has a plethora of expertise in various law disciplines. They are also an industry leader, investing in their people and ensuring equal opportunities.

For more information, contact:

Watts McCray
Level 1, 9 George Street
New South Wales

Telephone: +61 (0)2 9635 4266

Email: [email protected]