Author: brentdurell

Expert Preparation Tips for Rack Cards

(Submit Articles) If there is one thing I know when it comes to rack cards, it is that you should always submit the perfectly prepared draft for printing. Otherwise, your rack cards will undoubtedly have gross errors in its...

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Preparing a Draft for Newsletter Printing

(Submit Articles) Many people do not know really how to prepare a draft for newsletter printing. While color newsletters might look like a very simple to produce, there are actually a few specific settings that need to be made...

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How to Design Sociable Calendars

(Submit Articles) Have you ever thought to design your calendars to be more social? If you really have not thought about this yet, and have considered calendar printing to be more of a printed art, then you might one to rethink...

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Why Social Flyers Work

(Submit Articles) Some marketers today are using more social flyers. While flyer printing is an activity that you do to integrate your marketing to a social environment, some people still do not understand fully how to put true...

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