(Submit Articles) Have you ever thought to design your calendars to be more social? If you really have not thought about this yet, and have considered calendar printing to be more of a printed art, then you might one to rethink some of your fundamental ideas about calendars. These calendar prints are as much a social tool as other color prints like flyers, catalogs and even posters. Hence, for them to succeed and really achieve their goals, it is important for them to be more social with their audience.

Let me help you do this in your own calendar printing. Below, I will discuss with you the real benefits of creating social calendars and the crucial steps on how to do it on your own. Just listen and learn from the items below.

Why the need to become more social? If you look at the whole world today, with the entire buzz around Facebook and Twitter, the world has become more social. Now, you cannot of course match the interactivity that is innate in digital media with your color calendars, but you can add a few crucial elements in your designs to integrate some of the best parts of being social into your prints. The more social those calendars are the more people will read them and use them. This translates into more people acquiring your custom calendars, helping you with sales or even with promotions.

So let me help you get started in creating custom calendars that have that social element. Listed down below are the essential things that you should know.

1. Using the right text content to be social ““ The first step to a more social calendar is writing the right text content. There are two main dimensions to this step. This relates to the style of the content as well as the actual content itself.

Style-wise ““ When it comes to the writing style, a calendar can become more “social“ if it integrates the slang terms and colloquialisms present in the target market’s social environment. This means that you will want to “speak“ just the way the audience speaks with themselves so that the calendars can “belong“ in a sense just like a person can “belong.“ So you have to research the common styles of speaking and writing that exists within your target markets and use that as a key in creating content for your color calendars.

Content-wise ““ When it comes to content, you should of course present all the important information in your calendar that your audiences will need and want. So besides the typical holidays, descriptions and features, you might want to add some content that will be helpful to them.

For business people for example, you might want to add some essential international holidays so that they can coordinate their schedules with their appointments abroad. For others, the seasonal markers are also important as well as the start and end of daylight savings time. These entire extra content help make the calendars become a little bit more useful and beneficial to have.

2. Picking the right images to be more social ““ Also, your calendars can be more social if you insert the right kind of images into those pages. I am not talking here about adding in the typical beautiful calendar page. I am talking about real deliberate images that are designed to appeal to your audience.

So for example, if you are selling or distributing your calendars to business people, you might want to put in relaxing images for them to relieve stress. Or maybe you can put in inspiration images for them to find more strength while working. This can also apply to your employees if you are printing special calendars for them.

Whatever the case, the more you integrate their wants and needs into your visual imagery, the more welcome those calendars are for those people. This will be the key to bridging that social connection from you, to your calendars and finally to your audience. So make sure you pay attention to your images.

So that is how you design calendars to be more social. Hopefully you can integrate all of these elements into your custom calendars as well.

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