Author: helen.kempf

Classical Swirl Printed Hobo by Paul Smith

(Submit Articles) It's time for Viewer's Choice Monday again! One of our most loyal readers, Chemlex, has picked her bag to be the Paul Smith Swirl Large 3 Pocket Hobo. Let's get down to business- which of you is a fan of the...

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Designer customized jeans by Paul Smith

(Submit Articles) The most traditional of all British designers Paul Smith was born in 1946 in Nottingham and dreamed of becoming professional bicycle racer. However, in 1970 Paul Smith opens his first boutique called Vetement...

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Paul Smith Socks

(Submit Articles) Sir Paul Smith has always been at it. Originally catering to men's wear, the man behind the Paul Smith empire has since taken the fashion scene by storm. In fact, Smith was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II,...

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