(Submit Articles) It's time for Viewer's Choice Monday again! One of our most loyal readers, Chemlex, has picked her bag to be the Paul Smith Swirl Large 3 Pocket Hobo. Let's get down to business- which of you is a fan of the striped Paul Smith bags? For starters, Chemlex is.

I want to join her corner and agree. It is a fun flirty bag that can show off a playful side. This is a hobo like no other- with the color and design being so busy, I'm glad there isn't anything else that might set the bag over the top. The hobo shows off its three-pockets with its shagadelic swirled patter, groovy brass buttons, and finishes off the bag with a thick leather and canvas buckle strap. If you are a little more curious about the bag, the inside specs are also pretty fun.

Lined in pink canvas and featuring a side zip pocket and a cell phone pocket, the inside of the bag might look like a big piece of bubblegum (hey, I love pink Bubblegum!). The overall dimensions of the bag are 17“³ L x 7“³ H x 5“³ W. This bag is funky fresh and may not be loved by all of you, but let us know what you think over on the forum! This bag can be purchased via eLuxury for $1170 (yikes, a bit high I think).

Paul Smith has introduced a new fragrance for women, Paul Smith Rose. The scent is based on the odor of the Sir Paul Smith rose as captured by ScentTrek, a variation on headspace technology.

The rose at the heart of this fragrance is one that bears his name. "My wife, Pauline, created a wonderful birthday gift ““ a rose cultivated specially for me. This proved to be an inspiration for the fragrance," says Paul.

Antoine Maisondieu, the perfumer who worked with Paul on its creation explains: "I wanted to combine an airy quality with a soft, velvety feeling on the skin. I blended Paul Smith ScentTrek with Turkish rose oil and green tea, adding a sparking halo of violet and magnolia flowers. A woody accord, with touches of clear cedar, provides depth and structure, which along with soft musks, give it an addictive quality."

Paul Smith Rose is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and in matching body products. (via paulsmith.co.uk, found via selfridges) According to thelondonpaper, it smells "fresh, light and fruitily rosy".

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