Bad Mouth LLC To Release Premier App

28 Mar

Seattle, WA: Bad Mouth LLC has just announced the upcoming release of their premier application Bad Mouth to the Apple App Store. Bad Mouth is a fast, fun and free way to create hilarious videos to share with family and friends. Users simply take a photo of a celebrity or friend, use their finger to erase the photo’s mouth, and then use the front facing camera to speak where the photo’s mouth should be. Users can make it look like their pet is singing their favorite song, make it appear Justin Bieber is professing his undying love, or make politicians say what they REALLY mean. Notable features include:

Bad Mouth

- 100% free in-app image search, so users can easily and quickly find photos of celebrities, animals or other entertaining faces.

- A full set of fun default faces, from crazy animals to former presidents.

- A list of trending searches for users to discover who’s currently popular.

- Camera and photo support to allow users to make videos of their friends and family quickly and easily.

- Instant video sharing on Facebook, Twitter, text or email.

- A beautiful and delightful interface with full iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 support on iOS7.

Bad Mouth will be available in March 28th for free on the iPhone App Store worldwide and will be compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS7 for iPhone. Members of the media may receive an exclusive free beta upon request.

For Media Contact:
Ethan Diamond
[email protected]