Green Butterfly Brands released new post on its Bark at the Moon Blog revealing the real meaning behind National Dog Day

National Dog Day is celebrated every year bringing many to post photos and praise their lovable furry companion for his/her existence. It’s a day to really appreciate the dogs that have changed people’s lives, whether in small ways or large measures. Many people love that their dog brings laughter into their life everyday, but some even owe their life to their faithful pup. Bark At The Moon took to their blog to uncover what National Dog Day is all about, and how one can celebrate.

National Dog Day is a day to thank the dogs that have made immeasurable sacrifices for their humans. The blog post mentions how dogs risk their lives daily in order to work for law enforcement, sniff out bombs, and search/save victims of disasters. There are even service dogs that work with veterans, diabetics, and the disabled to improve their quality of life. The post goes on to mention that the day is meant to focus on adoption, which is more humane than shopping for a puppy, as an adopter saves the life of a dog that would otherwise be put down. Besides adopting a homeless pup, the all-natural dog treat company advises spending National Dog Day volunteering at a shelter, or donating to one in terms of food and blankets.

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