Become a Designer — The Valhalla Lost Closed Beta Starts September 25th

30 Sep

30, September 2015: Valhalla Lost stays true for hardcore TCG players, and we need beta testers to help design, and keep it that way. Lance Yu, the producer and lead director, was a professional Magic player for three years, and has kept those days in mind as he created Valhalla Lost. The game draws from the rich mythology of ancient Nordic tribes, weakening the gods and putting them at the mercy of mortal beings.

Valhalla Lost

It expands on previous TCGs with two innovative features:

1) The Block system allows any creature to defend the player’s hero, not just special cards. This gives players more control of the table.

2) Some creature cards have their own activatable skills which gives the player more options than the standard ‘creature attack’. These abilities can vary from attack spells to buffs to crowd control.

Valhalla Lost also stays true to the social aspects of traditional TCGs. Card games are meant to be played with others, and Valhalla Lost makes that easy with multiple PvP modes. Players can assign Friend cards, which gives their friends an additional card in PvE battles. This card will then gain experience, and when it has been used enough the player will gain it in their deck.

The official beta begins September 25th. Players can help design Valhalla Lost by giving tips and suggestions about balance, gameplay, story, or by submitting art and other creatives. The best of the best will be implemented, and players will be given credit in-game.

We will provide a link for Android players on September 25th.iOS players will have to wait a few days, but can provide their email address to [email protected], then download Testflight from the App Store. When the iOS version is ready the beta can be downloaded from Testflight.

Google Play: Link coming September 25th at Valhalla Lost Facebook Page:

iOS: Dowload Testflight and send an email to [email protected] with the subject: ‘Valhalla Lost iOS Beta’. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

For more information please contact [email protected]

“With more permanents Valhalla Lost is all about strategy. Add in the new block system, and activatable creature abilities, and there’s a lot more options to choose your strategy. Players will need to read the table and calculate the game to win.” — Lance Yu, Valhalla Lost Producer and Head Developer.