Beer Baron Columnist Gives Thumbs-Up to K’Paui from Bent Kettle

29 Sep

29, September 2016: Beer Baron Columnist, Chris Drosner, has released a new in-depth review on K'Paui, microbrewery Bent Kettle's newest flavor of craft beer, and which he aptly described as "Candy bar in a glass."

Claiming the coconut-flavored K'Paui, whose name is a Hawaiian-tinged spin on the "kapow", is not only a "sweet and tropical", but pairs perfectly with the chocolatey, slightly roasty malt for an effect that brought me back to childhood slices of German chocolate cake."

Drosner, who writes the Beer Baron column for the Wisconsin State Journal, is confident that Bent Kettle's new addition, K'Paui, could provide co-owners Jim Jorgenson and Mark Cook the "breakout hit" for the Bent Kettle brewery. With the amber ale, the India pale ale, and an imperial IPA remain as the microbrewery's three primary beers, Drosner said his favorite until now "has been Insolence, a warming, satisfying IPA with an interesting hop bill."

As a labor of love of co-owners Jim Jorgenson and Mark Cook, Bent Kettle, a small operation established in April 2015, has so far sold little over 100 barrels. "Besides, we are on pace for perhaps 180 in 2016," said Cook, the 53 year-old brew master. Bent Kettle self-distributes their beer. Bent Kettle can be found at most of the bars and bottle shops in Madison, Milwaukee, and Fox Valley.

According to Cook, their immediate goal is to get the pace up to about 20 barrels a week, which would enable him to quit his day job as an optometrist. However, with there new craft beer K'Paui being their newest craft beer, the reviewer noted it could very well given Cook the break is need to so that he could finally "trade eyeglasses for beer glasses full time."

"Since its June 25th 2016 debut at the Bacon Brew and BBQ festival in Sun Prairie and subsequent introduction at various festivals during the summer, people have gone nuts over it, particularly at the Great Taste Beer Festival," said Cook, who disclosed K'Paui came about after Bent Kettle fans asked for a dark beer to go along with the other, lighter offerings.

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Craft beer made the way it should be: Unfiltered. Unpasteurized. Unadulterated. Unapologetic. "Bent" describes their craft beer recipes: non-conformist, irreverent, experimental and artisan; using non-traditional ingredients in traditional beers while following traditional craft microbrewery best practices to ensure safety and quality in our brews. Their new chocolate coconut craft brew K'Paui shows they are living up to their company vision of bringing unique flavors of great tasting craft beer to the world.

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