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04 Sep

Glasgow, UK - is an online comparison and switching service. The site helps consumers choose the right deals on mobile phones and broadband. It is now also possible to select the best deals from energy suppliers for the home.

The need for energy supplier comparisons

It's no secret that the UK has a plethora of gas and electricity suppliers that consumers can choose. Some of them are well-known brands while others are new to the market. People are also able to select suppliers based on their ethical credentials too.

So, why is there a need to compare energy suppliers? With a vast choice in the marketplace, it's crucial to choose the right supplier. The simple fact is some energy providers charge more than others.

Consumers need to know that they are getting the best value for money. They must also make informed decisions, rather than ones based on marketing hype. It's for that reason that comparison websites offer a true method to seek out the best deals. is already a popular comparison site for mobile phones and broadband Internet. The site will now let users compare energy prices too.

Why use

The concept of online price comparison is not a new one. Indeed, there are many websites that let users compare energy prices. But, why should one do so with

●    The website is fast and effective. It's possible to seek out and select the right energy provider in just minutes, not hours;
●    A large selection of providers. Some sites only offer details of a handful of energy companies. The website lets visitors compare a broad range of firms. That means anyone living in the UK can access the best deals;
Free and impartial. Unlike some of its competitors, makes it easy to choose a provider. There is no pressure on site users to opt for a particular company. Nor is there a bias or lean towards specific firms;
●    Ease of use. The site's design makes it easy for users to navigate, especially on mobile devices.

How it works

The process of comparing energy providers on is easy and straightforward. A simple form will ask you for some details of your current provider and the prices you pay so far.

You'll also get asked how you pay your gas and electricity bills, and the amount of energy you use. The site then returns a list of suitable alternatives. Not only that, but it'll also tell you how much money you can save by switching.


The website is one of the UK's leading price comparison sites for mobile phones and broadband. It now also offers energy provider comparisons. It will soon be launching other services to help consumers save money on travel and insurance too.

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