“One of the best resources out there for the searching consumer,” that is just one of the many things being said about AutoWarrantyToday.com and the newly updated ranking system for helping consumers pick the best auto warranty companies. Unlike many third-party review and comparison portals, AutoWarrantyToday.com has demonstrated a different breed of consumer advocacy. The data provided is first and foremost vetted for accuracy; industry standards and comprehensive research is amalgamated to ensure that the advice is of the highest calibre. 

2012 and much of 2013 saw some of the most far-reaching and extensive consumer complaints against dealerships pushing inflated extended automobile warranties. The fact is that dealerships that peddle these high-cost, low value warranties are misleading consumers into thinking they have no choice. They don’t want consumers to know, for example, that these warranties rarely stand up to any significant claims. Nor do they want consumers to know that there real, viable alternatives out there. 

This wholesale ‘con’ of ignorant consumers is a big reason independent reviewers like AutoWarrantyToday.com have been formed. The main effort is to get consumers to understand that there are credible extended warranties for cars out there. These companies do stand up to scrutiny and the ones vetted and reviewed by AutoWarrantyToday.com have been thoroughly endorsed by some of America’s biggest and most trusted industry experts. They have also been put through their paces by past customers, ensuring that those that choose them now, get nothing but the best in terms of value and quickness in handling claims 

It is unlikely that the rest of 2013 and 2014 will be devoid of consumer rip offs — that’s the sad reality. What will be different though is the updated list of extended car warranty companies that have now been officially, vetted and ranked by AutoWarrantyToday.com will be available to consumers who need help. 

For 2013/2014 consumers have a chance to fight back — and win. AutoWarrantyToday.com has gathered a highly sifted and consumer-focused list of the best of the best and has selected CARCHEX, Endurance and autoPOM as the best of the bunch. 

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