(Submit Articles) With the growing usage of fiber optic in almost all walks of life, people are becoming aware of its working and importance of its maintenance. Fiber optic cannot do without timely servicing and maintenance. This quality of the fiber optic makes it distinct from any other electronic device used to transmit information or data. The most significant part of fiber optic happens to be fiber optic connecter and connector ferrule. Any snag in these can block the light beam and cost the user loss of precious data. Hence timely Fiber Connector Cleaning is extremely important for smooth running of operation.

People use numerous methods to clean the fiber optic such as lint free wipe and solvents. But unless a well trained technician does the cleaning they prove to be very unreliable. You may also use reel fiber optic connector cleaners and compressed air to blow away dust from optic fiber. But these all methods are not dependable as a lot of dust still remain intact on the fiber optic and make the things even worse. Fiber optic connector and connector ferrules have to be perfectly clean to ensure the trouble free functioning of fiber optic systems. As you have spend good money installing a fiber optic, you need to opt for a world class fiber optic connector cleaner and fiber ferrule cleaners to keep it in good shape. AEFOS is a world renowned fiber optic cleaning system manufacturer who can provide solution to all your fiber optic cleaning problems.

Patented Fiber ferrule cleaners from AEFOS with 3 seconds cleaning cycle are considered amongst best in the world. Their clientele comes from an array highly sensitive area like aerospace, educational and scientific industries. They also manufacture heavy duty Analog Scope and AFXM Digital for high resolution image for fiber inspection. Their fiber optic cleaning systems are complaint with Telcordia Standard. They have some of the top fortune 500 companies using their fiber optic cleaning systems globally apart from independent installers and fiber optic technicians.

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