Bigfatpursecovers All REITS Listed In SGX to Educate Mom-And-Pop Investors in Singapore

12 Sep

12, September 2016: BigFatPursePte Ltd, one of Singapore's leading financial education providers, has published a comprehensive article listing of all Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) and descriptions of the properties they own. The list can be read at or it can be downloaded as a free PDF.

A Singapore Real Estate Investment Trust (S-REIT) owns real estate such as office towers, retail malls, industrial, residential, hotel and healthcare properties. The REIT is traded on the SGX like shares. The new BigFatPurse report looks at all REITS listed on the SGX and provides investors with a quick introduction to each. The report is divided into six segments: Industrial, Retail, Commercial, Healthcare, Residential and Hospitality.

The company is composed of a group of Singapore residents with an interest in investments. They have been writing about personal finance since 2007 and have been recognized for their excellent financial education courses which empower mom-and-pop investors with practical financial strategies and tips.

The website for BigFatPurse was established to provide an organized resource for those seriously interested in improving their financial skills. The firm has developed a number of Pro Bono workshops for the public and corporations. They feel a corporate social responsibility to contribute to the financial literacy of the working class.

Topics covered in BigFatPurse talks include how to save money automatically, insuring being able to cover an individual investor’s basic financial needs and simple index investing that builds wealth.

The recently published directory of S-REITS is the most recent example of the dedication of BigFatPurse to growing public financial knowledge. Many people who work diligently to manage investments properly make poor decisions, sometimes becoming victims of scams, because they lack a foundation of necessary financial knowledge.

To read or download the current list of Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts, go to . For information about courses and other useful articles from BigFatPurse, visit