The United States of America; November 14, 2013: Nikon is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class cameras. It not only produces advanced products for experts and professionals in the industry of digital photography but also for amateurs and enthusiasts of part-time photography. By far, the Japanese firm has launched more than 100 products in film and photography category apart from numerous sports equipment involving optics. Incredibly, Black Friday Deal Day offers Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Nikon D800E cameras. Nikon is one of those companies who has been popular for its innovative products and advanced technologies. With that in consideration, the deal brought by Black Friday Deal Day is obviously worth a check and review. 

Like all the products by Nikon, D800E is an efficient and streamlined camera that is ready to fulfil expectations. While the products of Nikon are worth all praises they get, the features of Black Friday Nikon D800E signify the value of the deal too. Nikon D800E is incorporated with 36.3-megapixels CMOS FX format lens, which is very powerful and can click pictures in very high quality. It can also capture videos in high definition effortlessly. The rolling shutter of the camera has been minimised so that users can have full high definition broadcast in 1080 pixels. 

Cyber Monday Nikon D800E has Live View output accessible via external monitors while the HDMI terminal is to record uncompressed videos. Thus, users can take advantage of fully HD video recording. D800E offers better control over audio recording and playback. As its names indicates, D800E is the successor of D800 but is highly efficient than its predecessor. The camera snaps pictures with high precision and all the features and functions appropriately fill the bill for commercial photography. Nikon EXPEED 3 image processor integrated into the camera enhances the image fidelity. The inbuilt HDR allows expansion of dynamic range. The camera can capture sharp images even at night, without the need for torches or other light sources. Images can be previewed on the LCD of the camera, which now offers lower noise output too. 

Nikon D800E is an ideal device for commercial photography and is available with limited 1-year warranty. It is fluidic in operations, equipped with OLPF, dual Secured Digital (SD) and Compact Flash (CF) memory slot. It also has an improved battery backup and user friendly controls. Its ISO control levels have changed greatly and the image has been increased to facilitate printing of larger images. Laser-like details and solid body construction are just some more reasons that compel commercial photographers to take full advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2013 Nikon D800E. The drop side of D800E is that false colour increases corresponding to increasing sharpness. It is more expensive than D800 but the AF system in the latter is better. In short, Nikon D800E is great for both indoor and outdoor commercial work but is only in the hands of professionals. 

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