Brand New Outdoor Toy For All Ages

20 Mar

Worldwide: Sometimes a toy comes along you instantly know will be a huge success; this is one such toy. Enjoy making effortless superhuman throws. FunSLINGER endures any adverse weather conditions and is suitable for all ages. 


Released by FunSLINGER LTD, it’s not too dissimilar from some of the products you may have played with during your childhood. Included in the purchased set are two pocketed bats known as “FunSLINGERS” and a whistle projectile. The idea of the game is to use the tip of your bat to send the projectile soaring through the sky towards your partner. They then effortlessly catch the projectile using their own pocketed bat. The game can also be played with groups or you can play on your own and try to target the projectile into a bucket from a distance. 

The childrens outdoor toy market has been somewhat stagnated for many years, but thanks to this new and innovative product, we’re expecting to see a massive resurgence as we move towards the middle of 2014. 

At only £27.99 in the UK with free delivery, you really can’t go wrong. As fun outdoor games go, this specially designed game has no trouble standing out from the crowd. In fact, the manufacturers have done an amazing job right through from the initial concept to the finished product we see online and on shelves today. 

FunSLINGER is a vibrant company that specialise in providing their customers and clients with only the highest quality outdoor toys. Some people may be concerned about losing their projectile during all the fun, but as you can pick up a replacement from their website for little over £5, this really shouldn’t be a major concern. Furthermore, the Funslinger has been designed in such a way that you can use any soft ball, the size of a tennis ball, the only drawback is that it won’t whistle! 

If you want to add some extra people to your game, there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing two kits and playing in a group of four. 

Whilst some outdoor activities can be ruined by strong winds, FunSLINGER endures any adverse weather conditions without performing poorly thanks to the adequate weight of projectiles. Those of you still playing badminton would have to go inside and sit down whilst the wind passes, but your friends with FunSLINGER are able to continue having a great time all day. 

If anyone reading would like to get in touch with the good people at FunSLINGER to find out about this product, you can do so by visiting their website via the link above, or using the contact details included below this paragraph. As a company focused on providing the best client experience, FunSLINGER is eager to hear from customers and clients and are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways of improving their services. So, don’t hesitate to contact them today. 

For Media Contact:
Funslinger Limited,
Unit 2 Maltings,
Churchill Road,
United Kingdom
0843 289 6824