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07 Jan

London; 07, January 2016: Services pertaining to accountancy and taxation comprises bookkeeping, self-assessment, management accounting, payroll accounting, VAT, financial accounting, preparation of accounts, budget forecasting, and much more. Brawa Accounting Ltd is a well-established accounting enterprise that has entrenched its goodwill by providing the abovementioned services to umpteen entrepreneurs and small-time commercial undertakings. Each and every tax consultant and accountant employed by Brawa Accounting does full justice to his or her job by tending to the exclusive accounting requirements or taxation needs of each client. These experienced and highly qualified professionals also offer practical, relevant, and constructive advice to the clients.

Right from the day of its establishment, Brawa has striven to extend services at extremely competitive prices without of course compromising on the quality front. Prices charged by Brawa for advancing the aforementioned accounting services are considerably less than what is billed by its competitors. Brawa can afford to keep prices competitive and modest as it resorts to cost-cutting on overheads and whatever is saved is passed on as rebate to the customer. What makes Brawa stand out from the crowd of accounting firms is that clients and prospects can readily get in touch with the company through phone and/or email and access its services. Brawa Accounting, very much like an intelligent student or scholar, doesn’t do different things but believes in doing things differently.

The establishment makes arrangements for rendezvousing with every client no less than once in a month for a one-to-one discussion on issues each customer might have. At the same time, Brawa makes relentless efforts to sort out issues or queries of every single customer within a maximum timeframe of 24 hours. The gentlewoman who established Brawa being an authorized member of AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is certified to practice as an accountant and extend counsel to anyone who needs it for proper accounts maintenance.

It has always been the overriding mission of Brawa to help its customers focus fulltime on their day-to-day business activities by taking up the responsibility of overseeing their bookkeeping, taxation, and payroll tasks. As far as the company vision is concerned, Brawa persistently endeavors to keep the financial health of its clientele in perfect order so that they’ll be in a position to not only survive but as well as thrive in the present day dog-eat-dog world of commerce.

The accounting firm Brawa provides accounting and/or taxation services in the domains of ‘VAT returns’, ‘payroll’, ‘personal and business tax planning’, ‘corporate tax’, ‘personal tax’, ‘management accounts’, ‘end of year accounts’, ‘company establishment’, ‘assistance with opening bank accounts’, and ‘bookkeeping’.

About Brawa Accounting:

Brawa Accounting Ltd

Brawa Accounting is a London-based firm that extends sweeping services related to taxation and accountancy mainly to individuals and small business outfits. Any query regarding the services offered by the firm or any issue client has with the same can send a mail to:[email protected]