Breakup results in loss for Instagram

07 Mar

The gorgeous 34 year old Kelly Brook has removed all their romantic holiday photos from Instagram. This happened right after the two split up. Everything was going just fine and blossoming great but suddenly things did not seem so rosy between Kelly Brook and David McIntosh. After the split Kelly addressed her friends saying that she was totally hurt and humiliated by her fame hungry boy friend and has even washed off all evidences of theirs from all her social profiles and mostly from her life. Everything is gone from Instagram too.

All that remains is just a photo where the ripped hunk took Kelly’s snap during a gym workout. A good site to get instagram followers is Realinstaprom. The shorts wearing beef cake i.e. David was accused of back stabbing by Kelly as he made photographers aware of their whereabouts while they were enjoying a great romantic Holiday in the U.S. Sources even revealed that Kelly thought she was being used and finally realized that her boy friend needs fame more than her. This is when they actually split. It is now known that David was Kelly’s first boy friend after she broke up with Danny Cipriani who too had allegedly cheated on her.