Although the contribution of steroid esters in medicine is very large and significant, it is clear that no magic was not there. The mechanism of action of esters has been well studied and is quite predictable, and does not change the nature of the base steroid nothing but a time of action. Many steroids (such as Omnadren, Sustanon, testosterone cypionate, etc.) have been always covered with mystery, which gives food for idle speculations, in fact, it’s unimportant and things like chemist-athlete is better not to pay attention. Testosterone – it is in Africa, testosterone, and the one who fool your head with stories about the superiority of one solution over another, it is better to work with a little more literature.

Enanthate: Chemical Structure C7H14O2.
See also: heptanoic acid; enanthic acid; enanthylic acid; heptylic acid; heptoic acid; Oenanthylic acid; Oenanthic acid. Enanthate – the most frequently used of the esters, combined with testosterone is mainly, but also used other drugs such as Primobolan Depot. Preparations with enanthate maintain hormone levels within 10-14 days. In medicine, drugs enanthate administered every other week or even once a month, but athletes have used it more often, at least once a week to maintain a constant level of hormone in the blood.

Cypionate: chemical structure of C8H14O2.
See also: Cyclopentylpropionic acid, cyclopentylpropionate. Cypionate is very popular in the Unated States. Time allocation is almost the same as the enanthate (10-14 days), in American medicine, they are both used as interchangeable. Athletes are firmly convinced that cypionate is more powerful than enanthate, although in fact the difference between them is very small. Chain enanthate slightly smaller in size and therefore the drug allocates a little more than the steroid in the blood compared to cypionate.

Decanoate: chemical structure C10H20O2.
See also: decanoic acid; capric acid; caprinic acid; decylic acid, Nonanecarboxylic acid. Decanoate is most often used in preparations of nandrolone (retabolil, for example) and can be found in almost all parts of the world. Testosterone decanoate is also the Component Sustanon with great expiry date, it significantly increases the life of this drug in the body. Time release preparations, based on decanoate announced some unreal, about one month, hands-on experience with demonstrated that blood hormone levels drop significantly after two weeks. To maintain a constant composition of the blood athletes inject an average of once a week.

Undecylenate (Undecylenate): chemical structure C11H20O2.
See also: Undecylenic acid; Hendecenoic acid; Undecenoic acid. This ester is very similar to decanoate, but contains one more carbon atom. Time allocation is roughly the same (2-3 weeks) may be a day or so longer than decanoate. Undecylenate is used exclusively in veterinary practice, for example – Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate), but there is no apparent reason, why should it not work in the human body (Equipoise in sports practice proved to be good). Appointed for a weekly basis. is a leading online steroids store, specially created to buy anabolic steroids online without a prescription. Buy anabolic steroids online and pay with a Credit Card, since the shop provides a wide range of anabolic steroids.