NFL is short for National Football League. There are totally 32 teams in the League, which are divided into two conferences: American Football Conference (AFCï¼â€° and National Football Conference ( NFC). Each conference has 16 teams, and these 16 teams are divided into 4 competition areas: East, South, West and North. Thus, each area has 4 teams.
The venue is 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. The slender white line in the playing field is called yard line, which is used to help players, referees and spectators to understand the process of the offensive side forward the ball. The most important part of the venue is probably the end zone; it is the area that the score lines of the both sides extend out 10 yards respectively. This area is the scoring area. When the side who holds the ball forwards the ball to the other side’s end zone, they get the score.
NFL's competition rules, both sides send 11 team players respectively, one side is attacking group, and the other side is defensive group. The purpose of the attacking team is to forward the ball to the field of the defensive team as much as possible, trying to get scores by crossing the score line into the end zone. There are two methods of attack, the players run the ball forward (rushing), or air pass (passing).
The goal of the defensive side is try their best to defend the offensive of the attacking side and force the attacking group to lose the ball. If the attacking side earns score or loses the ball, each side should change their role, that is, the former offensive side becomes defensive side and the former defensive side becomes offensive side.
Competition is divided into four sections, each section lasts for 15 minutes, and between the first and second section, the third and forth section there are two minutes for break; between the second and the third section there are 12 minutes for break. If player with the ball hit the other side’s scoring area, the team can win 6 points, besides, it has an opportunity of place kick, if the place kick crosses the other side’s crossbar, the team can own another 1 score, the other kinds of field goal all win 3 scores; if the player with ball squeezed out of the end line by the defensive side, the defensive side can win 2 points. When the ball carrier knocked down by the defensive side for 4 times and has been unable to move 10 yards forward, then the defensive side begin to kick off. At the end, the side who scores more wins.
Sometimes, NFL, also known as franchise, because they are private investment, and operated according to the company mode. It is the United States Football League's best-known, so it has the largest fans. Other unions have also tried to compete with NFL, but they fail to win so many fans as NFL’s. Every year NFL attracts tens of millions of people to watch. NFL's final day, that is, the Super Bowl Championship (Super Bowl) is the largest event in the entire United States; sometimes it even has been recognized as the unofficial national day.

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