BrightTouch Offers Special Launch Pricing On New Fairy Lights

09 Aug

To celebrate the launch of their new fairy string lights, BrightTouch is offering special launch pricing to all customers who purchase a strand of these crowd-pleasing lights during the introductory period. To get special pricing, customer need to act quickly, as these special launch prices won’t last for long.

With sales of the newest BrightTouch product to hit the market reaching record highs, the company is now offering their fairy string lights on Amazon at a discount. Customers who purchase one or more of these light strands during this promotion are eligible to save more on one of the most popular lighting products to be released this year.

Creating the perfect space, using creativity and a little bit of ‘magic’ these days is a popular move, especially for homes with pets, kids, or just those who love to feel at home in their home or garden. Bringing light to the right places is even more important, which is why fairy lights have become so incredibly popular around the world. Not just used for decoration, but for lighting purposes too, these lights are highly sought after, especially when they come with benefits like low power consumption and special launch pricing like BrightTouch Fairy String Lights do.

“Not only have we taken the best aspects of similar products and put them into a single product, but we have taken steps to solve common problems such as power adapters getting too hot,” explains Natalie Monroe of BrightTouch. “And then to top it all off, we’re offering customers the chance to own this product for less than any of those competitors for a limited time to celebrate the launch.”

Launching this month on Amazon and on their home website, BrightTouch has unveiled their newest product with a massive discount that everyone can take advantage of. The company believes their product is the answer to fairy and starry light problems, and they are giving consumers the opportunity to find out for themselves without having to pay full price.

“We want to give everyone the chance to see how great our products are for themselves,” says Monroe. “To do that, we are making it possible for everyone to try our newest product line for far less than it will sell for normally.”

But the company says the new launch pricing won’t last forever. Preliminary sales figures show that the launch has already been quite successful and is proving to be BrightTouch’s most popular product to date. For now, the launch celebration will continue with special pricing on all three colors listed on Amazon, but those prices won’t be so low forever. As such, customers are encouraged to pick their BrightTouch Fairy Lights up soon, before the promotion is over.

About BrightTouch: BrightTouch is a family owned and operated company that works to provide the best, family and pet friendly products to today’s consumers at prices that can be loved. By implementing the best parts of similar products and fixing common problems, BrightTouch truly provides today’s person with lighting solutions of tomorrow.