Bring Airwheel intelligent electric hoverboard M3 to Attend the New Year Party

13 Jan

13, January 2016: How time flies. The year of 2015 has come to the end and 2016 is coming. After a year’s hard work, people are ready to welcome the year of 2016 with parties and revelries. It is a good chance for people to relax themselves and spend some time with their families and friends. However, most of the New Year parties are similar to each other. It is boring to attend these similar parties a few times every year. This year, why not make some changes? Bring Airwheel electric skateboard M3 to attend the New Year parties and start a new year with happiness and unforgettable memories.


Actually, people do similar things in parties. They eat foods, drink wine and have some conversation with each other. But with Airwheel motorized skateboard M3, people can have something more interesting to do. They can enjoy the fun of riding electric skateboard. Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 is equipped with a 2.4 G wireless remote controller. This controller has strong penetration power and its effective range reaches to 10 meters. Therefore, compared with traditional skateboards, Airwheel motorized skateboard M3 is much easier for beginners to learn. This advantage allows every guests of the party can enjoy the fun of riding electric skateboard.

When people are enjoying the fun of riding electric skateboard, it is a buzz-kill if the skateboard broke down. This problem will never happen on Airwheel wireless remote control skateboard M3. This is because M3 adopts the modular design and individual working mode. Even a single model was broken down; the whole system can still work normally.


Last but not least, the sticker of Airwheel electric skateboard M3 is changeable. Riders can change the colors and patterns of the board or even DIY one by themselves. Therefore, people can decorate the skateboard and make it more suitable to ride in New Year Party. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 gives people an unforgettable party.

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