Broaden Your Creativity with Intricate Mandalas to Color

06 Mar

If you have enjoyed the first two books in the series of Mandalas to color - Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults – Volume 1 and Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults — Volume 2 by Ironpower Publishing — then this book is perfect to further sharpen your skills in coloring more intricate designed Mandalas. 

Mandala hails from the Indian language Sanskrit which means circle. However for some, Mandalas are more than just a circular shape, rather it’s a form of a spiritual symbol that represents wholeness. All Mandalas come in different yet unique designs and each one can be interpreted differently. 

The benefit that we can get from coloring Mandalas goes beyond mere preoccupation. It is believed that while doing the activity, one can actually achieve a relaxed mind and enhance meditation. It also promotes uniqueness in expressing yourself and helps in broadening your creativity. 

Mandala Coloring Books can be used by all ages. In Volume 1, there are pages designed for both kids and adults. While Mandalas to Color – Intricate Mandala Coloring Pages: Advanced Designs is suited for individuals who want to further challenge their mind by coloring Mandalas with more complex designs. 

Intricate Mandala Coloring Pages comes with more than 50 uniquely designed Mandalas to color. Each design is conveniently printed one per sheet so colors don’t bleed to other pages. After completing one design, you can have your work framed and have it displayed in your home. You can frame and display as many designs as you want. 

Intricate Mandala Coloring Pages is now available in paperback at for less than $10 dollars. To learn more about the book you can also check the video ( and see sample pages as well. Grab a copy now for you and your loved ones.