USA, (April 28, 2012) ““ An innovative young company has set out on a mission to provide assistance for single mothers including advice on how to find a babysitter all the way to explaining how to get the child tax credit.

The motto of the company is “Thriving Instead of Surviving“. Their advice is targeted in helping single mothers overcome the lack of information facing most of them. Many single mothers feel isolated and alone when it comes time to deal with some of life’s simple and complex challenges. They often overlook simple ideas and options which could make a major difference in their financial lives, the safety of their children, and happiness.

The advice on the site is straightforward and based on ideas which work for all mothers. An example can be found in the advice relayed on how to find a babysitter. They gently remind mothers to talk to other parents, visit with their pastor or a youth minister, ask at their local school, and to use online resources for finding a babysitter. None of these suggestions are innovative, but they are ideas which are easy to overlook.

Money is always an important subject with single mothers, and is another topic dealt with in depth by their team. Recent ideas which have been shared on the site include the proper way to get the child tax credit, child care credit, and the earned income credit. They cover the qualification and filing rules to make sure mothers can get the refund they deserve.

The site is constantly expanding with new information on topics critical to single mothers including parenting tips, career ideas, educational opportunities, and how to find assistance for single mothers in your community.

The biggest challenge facing most single mothers is time. By the time the work day is over, the children are cared for, and the home cleaned exhaustion has set in. Getting the information they need to thrive takes a backseat. With the information they need being consolidated in one location they can save time and money. As the team at Assistance for Single Mothers knows it does not take many new ideas to help a mother move out of the mode of surviving into a life of thriving. If you are seeking ideas to simplify or improve your life as a single mother you can learn more by using the contact information below.

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