One of the delights of visiting other countries is the gastronomic licence to try just about everything that pleases the senses in the name of being open to new cultures. If you find yourself on holiday in Brazil, it would be almost rude not to experiment with the national tipple, Caipirinha. A fiery blend of lime, sugar, ice and a generous dose of “ËœCachaça’ the national spirit made from distilled sugar cane, its intoxicating effect is alarmingly quick to take hold. Just a few of these devilish drinks and you’ll soon be convinced you’re the next samba sensation, as you sway precariously near the edge of the balcony. Don’tsay you haven’tbeen warned.

So how best to enjoy caipirinha without spending the next day lying in your hotel room sweating cachaça from your every pore as you bemoan the worst headache you’ve suffered in living history? Locally based luxury travel experts Dehouche recommend asking the bartender exactly which type of cachaça they use and steering clear of the cheaply made “Ëœ51’ which can bring on a headache at the first sip. Dehouche suggest instead asking for either “ËœSagatiba’ (Sah-gah-chee-bah) or Ypioca’ (ih-pee-oh-cah). Dehouche can’tguarantee you’ll wake up with a clear head if you imbibe excessively, but your choice of liquor brand could help to reduce your suffering.

These days it’s common to find new takes on the original such as “ËœCaipivodka’ (made with vodka instead of cachaça surprisingly enough) or “ËœCaipisake’ (made with guess what?) much to the distaste of many purists. Such is the controversy that this has even sparked a campaign against the use of “Ëœalien substances’ in the traditional caipirinha. Tasty as these alternatives may sometimes be; if you’re looking for the legitimate version, Dehouche can tell you the best place to find it, without the addition of “Ëœforeign ingredients’. Fortunately, there’s not yet a campaign against the use of other fruit combinations and bartenders keep coming up with mouth watering new recipes. In addition to the classic and unfailingly moreish lime, Dehouche’s favourites include: lime and ginger; strawberry and basil; pineapple and mint, and lychee. (The last three not altogether though please)

If you really develop a taste for cachaça, Dehouche can even help you arrange a private tasting at a secret address in Rio. Here the owners will invite you to tantalise your taste buds with some of Brazil’s finest aged cachaças, which are best drunk without the addition of any ingredient, foreign or otherwise.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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