Can You Believe Airwheel M3 for Adults Saves Me a Ten-Million Contract?

08 Feb

08, February 2016: I have been through a breathtaking morning today. I am a medical equipment salesman and I have a signing ceremony with a world-famous company on 10 O’clock this morning. The theme is a ten-million contract. About 9 am, I drove my car to the first party company and I believed that one hour was enough to reach the destination.


Unfortunately, I was rear-ended by another car on the halfway. I was totally dumbfounded. What should I do? What I cared most was I must be on time. I called my colleague immediately and asked him for helping me handle the traffic accident. I opened the trunk, grasped the Airwheel M3 electric skateboard and rode it as quickly as I could. I remember that passerby was completely stunned when they saw me riding Airwheel M3 skateboard and disappearing out of their sight.

Fortunately, I got to the company in time and ten minutes later we signed the contract successfully. The success owes to Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard. In fact, Airwheel M3 skateboard is a new member in my life. The original purpose of buying Airwheel M3 skateboard is satisfying my desire towards skateboarding. Gradually, it is more than a plaything, but even a tool or transport. On the one hand, it realizes self-balancing through adopted aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system, which makes riding effortless. All controls, like speeding up, slowing down and changing direction, can be easily finished via altering body gravity. On the other hand, Airwheel M3 skateboard is powered by lithium-ion battery that has two capacities: 81.4Wh and 162.Wh. Then, the maximum range is able to reach 20km. Above all, Airwheel M3 absolutely can be a transport.


More and more people understand the significance of health lifestyle. Driving a car is not the best choice any more. Airwheel, the pioneer in intelligent electric scooter sector, explains the low-carbon and health lifestyle for people.

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