Can Zika Virus Spread In Swimming Pools? pH Testing Ensures Pool Safety

13 Sep

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Can Zika virus spread in swimming pools? The scare of the Zika virus continues until today. The virus that was once contained in one region in the world is now a global health threat.

The Zika virus is a fatal disease that comes from mosquito bites. When it is about this disease, people might associate them with the more common dengue fever. Larvae of mosquito can often spread when water becomes contaminated. One area that can be vulnerable is the household swimming pool.

A report on website Aqua Magazine said that swimming pools can harbor the mosquitoes that carry virus. This is the reason why health officials in New Jersey reportedly begun to send teams to houses and begin treatment for swimming pools.

The team was sent over to properties that have abandoned swimming pools. Officials reportedly noted that properties with abandoned swimming pools can spread the mosquitoes. This action in the area provides safety for everybody in their communities.

Another health information website also said that homeowners with swimming pools can prevent the spread of the Zika virus through maintaining and treating pools.

“It’s also a good idea to empty and change water in bird baths, rain barrels and potted plant trays at least once a week... Water in swimming pools should be circulated and treated,” the website stated.

Centers for Disease Control And Prevention also noted that the right pH levels of swimming pools is among the first lines of defenses against viruses and germs that can be health risks.

HealthyWiser offers a digital pH meter for swimming pool water pH test to make sure that the pools have the right pH levels.

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