Canada Delays Highlight Importance Of Buying Single-Trip Travel Insurance

01 Mar

The high percentage of delayed and cancelled flights in Canadian airports in recent weeks has really brought home the importance of contracting single-trip travel insurance to Canadian travellers.

An unfortunate conjunction of circumstances, mostly relating to bad weather, has seen thousands of passengers stranded in airports all around the country. These would-be flyers often find themselves forced to spend the night at the airport, unless they book a room at a hotel, as well as paying for meals and other necessary goods.

As a consequence of this situation, local specialists have come on record to point out that contracting single-trip travel insurance before their journey might have helped these passengers obtain at least partial compensation for the money spent as a result of the delays. In addition, purchasing such a policy would have guarded against any sudden medical expenses, forced cancellations, or even lost baggage claims.

According to the specialists in question, the price of single-trip travel insurance may vary according to a number of factors, the main one of which is age. Insurance professionals have come on record to point out that citizens over the age of 60 — whether from Canada or elsewhere — can expect to pay considerably higher insurance fees than younger members of the general population. This is, of course, due to the higher risk of illness among this sector of the population.

The interviewed parties added that most passengers opt to claim their single-trip travel insurance only after the situation they have insured themselves against has already been experienced, at which point it is already too late to recoup their losses. Passengers are therefore strongly advised to prevent themselves against all these matters in advance, in order to avoid disappointment.

Health issues and flight cancellations are the leading causes for insurance claims the world over. Other popular claims include lost or stolen luggage, flight delays, and accidents.

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