Cell Phone Radiation – A Possible Solution

24 Aug

August 24th, 2012 – Everyone has been hearing the question Are cellphones dangerous, and everyone who has children prays that they are not. Unfortunately, radiation emanating from mobile phones (or cell phones) is a very real thing and something that little ones cannot escape from. One tends to think that the worst thing one can conceive simply cannot be true, but this escapism does not save one from adversity, when the effects of cellphone radiation begin to show up in the form of headaches, hyperactivity or inability to concentrate in children.

Cell phones and health risk are not linked together idly; but that does not mean that cell phones and health risk have to coexist. There is some truth in the matter, for which reason stories of health toll, radiation sickness and the harm caused by EMF have been doing the rounds. However, it is important for careful parents to look into and get a real answer on the truth of the matter. And the book How To Protect Your Child From Cellphone Radiation gives exactly those answers that every parent has been looking for.

Cell phones are a necessary evil. The only thing to do, then, is to protect children from the harmful effects of cellphone radiation. This book tells parents how they can protect their children without giving up on the convenience and utility of having a cell phone. Learn how one can possibly still acquiesce and buy the child the up-market, hip cell phone that he or she asks for, while being careful of their health and future risks.
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Understanding the nature of electromotive force and how it may harm humans who are exposed to it is now made easy. One can easily check out the book and even get the Kindle version of it for less than a dollar. This book lays down simple rules, dos and don’ts that tell it like it is to every parent, and suggests measures that all members of the household can inculcate with ease. This is one book which is quite small, interesting to read and simple to understand.

In not more than 51 pages, the reader gets to see the point as to what causes the actual health risks, and what can be done to minimize the effect, particularly on the little ones who may be clamoring for the latest handset in the market. Buy How To Protect Your Child From Cellphone Radiation and get solutions. Find out more about it at:

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