CF+D Brings Advanced Customizations for Wood Burning Fireplaces

22 Nov

CF+D is the leading customized and designer fireplace producers offering installations of their innovative focus oriented fireplaces all over North America. The company has a range of Built-in fireplace models that have been conceptualized according to the Vid De Feu. The company also brings in over 23 years of expertise and a wide variety of design collaborations to the mix to further immortalize their designer fireplace installations for prestigious clients and celebrated architectural gems.

The Vid De Feu concept refers to the life of fire. CF+D designs modern fireplaces that tend to exhibit a unique life of their own. Their trademark is creating wood burning fireplaces that bring together the three attributes of design, function, and form. CF+D built-in models offer a startling range of fireplace designs exhibiting every element including strong linear designs to subtly fluid lines for some other fireplaces.

To check out the vast range of Built-in models of wood burning fireplaces at CF+D you can visit

CF+D also offers the expert assistance of their highly experienced free consultant and designer Vince Volpe with pre and post installation issues with customized fireplaces from the company. Vince often comes in the picture when issues arise with the smoke directions, heat management and customizations such as retro fitting gas burners in the patented CF+D designed fireplaces.

Amongst the Built-in fireplace, models the neo focus and meta focus range have created the maximum of wow factor for the clients. The horizontal open-hearth designs are the epitome of simple lines and fluid designs ideal for open space entertainment areas and décor solutions. The meta focus range further focuses on freestanding fireplace designs, which are in themselves a work of fine art. The designs for the fireplace doors have been experimentally cast in raw, rusted, or distressed steel to bring out a rustic design contrast against the modern lines of the fireplaces. You can check out the CF+D range of built-in models for customized fireplaces at

About the company

CF+D have been the pioneer in custom fireplace designs for wood burning and customized gas burner fitted fireplaces since over 23 years. The company collaborates with expert wood burning system designers and pressure specialists when developing unique customization of their modern fireplaces ranges. They offer built-in fireplaces and suspended fireplaces ready to be customized to client specifications.

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