Charleston Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Creates Educational Resource to Better-Serve Patients

29 Jan

David Rodwell, MD has prepared an infographic to better serve his Charleston, SC patients with a comprehensive yet visually stimulating educational resource.

Charleston, SC — January 29, 2016
David Rodwell, MD, board certified facial plastic surgeon and founder of Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery located in Charleston, South Carolina, has created a visual infographic on Cosmetic Injectables. Dr. Rodwell created this resource to break down the many non-surgical options his patients have in order to be party-ready this holiday season without any downtime.

Realizing information may be easier to digest when presented visually, Dr. Rodwell has begun to create a library of infographics to support the educational information on his site. Out of the cosmetic series, this infographic is focused specifically on Cosmetic Injectables.

The infographic is themed towards Dr. Rodwell’s brand with graphics, colors, and a holiday design that is not only visually appealing but also contains a wealth of information on the various Cosmetic Injectables he offers. Dr. Rodwell hopes to be able to inform his patients on not only these treatments but also his board certified facial plastic surgery expertise.

This educational cosmetic injectables infographic will be readily available on the blog and is also search engine optimized to allow all users interested in this procedure to find his infographic online.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a more youthful appearance using non-surgical procedures (such as those mentioned in the infographic) or prefer to enhance your features with plastic surgery, Dr. Rodwell and his well-trained team offer you the latest available treatments for beautifying your face and skin.

About David Rodwell, MD and Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery
Dr. David Rodwell is Board Certified to perform facial plastic surgery, focusing as a specialist exclusively within the face and neck region. He combines his surgical technique and skill with the ability to intuitively understand the motivations of each patient and develop the sense of trust that serves as the foundation of a personalized approach to facial plastic surgery. Expertly trained with a wealth of experience, Dr. Rodwell had a clear focus for the type of practice that would provide patients with personalized service and consistently outstanding results. These principles were the reasons that Dr. Rodwell returned to the Lowcountry to open Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery.

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