Cherry thinks highly of Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled motorized skateboard

28 Jan

28, January 2016: Since Cherry has got one Airwheel Q5, she cannot separate with it. The powerful functionality of Airwheel Q5 is beyond her imagination. Airwheel Q5 electric self-balancing scooter has penetrated into every part of life, going to market, doing exercise and having parties and so on. Cherry thinks highly of Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter, for the wider consumer base, colourful protection cushion pads and quality battery.


No matter the scooter experts or the green hands, Airwheel Q5 is ideal for them, as it provides the agility which the scooter experts longing for and the stability that the green hands are desired for. Apart from the stability given by the twin-wheel, the pedals of Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter are optimized to be larger, and more round and smooth in shape for the sake of riding comfort and safety. Made of aviation aluminium alloy material, the pedals are scratch-proof, anti-skid, and durable for heavy use.

The enlarged silicone cushion pads, available in sky blue and lime green and fully covering the two sides of Q5, enable more comfortable riding and anti-scratching capacity. Equipped with two interchangeable soft cushions, Q5 self-balancing electric scooter provides a completely relaxed riding style, for travellers who want to take life lightly and cheerfully.

As the battery is vital important in terms of electric product safety, the Airwheel Q5 self-balancing scooter mounts a Sony lithium battery. That is scientifically tested for an operating life of over 1800 charge cycles, or almost 4 times the duration of a normal battery for vehicles of this size, and almost 3 times the average life of a normal lithium battery on the market.


The high quality battery is the only solution to the self-balancing electric scooter accidents and the trust worthy and superior quality electric self-balancing scooter is the only solution to regain the purchasers’ confidence. That is why Cherry thinks highly of Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter.

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