iPod Touch Users may use the hilarious Soundboard from "Talk with Chippy" a fun app, which is now available on iPhone.

Romania, Germany, March 23, 2010 -- Chippy, the cutest chipmunk ever, repeats everything you say! "Talk with Chippy" is a fun app for iPhone, a soundboard and a cool clock at once.

* Whistle to "Chippy" and listen how beautiful he imitates you.

* No need to press a button, just speak and Chippy opens his ears to listen you.

* Chippy's cute eyes follows your finger and with his blinking eyes he looks like real living.

* And should you like something he did say very funny you can even let repeat him that.

Place this "Cute Chipmunk" beside you on your desk and watch what he is doing. There is also a clock, so you can keep him on all time. He helps you to relax and have fun in the same time.

"iPod Touch Users may use the hilarious Soundboard from Chippy, but to speak with him all you need a Microphone plugged in before you start this app. Best Experience can be found on iPhone 3g & 3GS" says Christian Albert Mueller.

Chippy "the cutest chipmunk on iPhone!" is so cute, who makes us laugh out loud & repeats so funny, which kids make crack up at him.

"Tickle and poke him, laugh with him or just enjoy while he is watching and blinking on you. You can also setup his Voice to very deep & "Chippy" repeats so funny its true" says Mueller.

For more details visit: http://christian-albert-mueller.com/blog/talk-with-chippy-for-iphone/ and http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chat-world/id362084375?mt=8 .

Christian Albert Mueller is an Computer Programmer, was born in Germany. After certificated with his Commercial School, he worked several years in direct sales. In that time and full time later on, already his patient for Computers and Coding was there and he is a programmer since 1982. When he got the opportunity to connect his computer with other friends around the world in 1992, he started his first online system. Right now he is programming most time mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

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