You will find so many people as well as super stars and celebrities wearing Ed Hardy shirts, Ed Hardy caps and Ed Hardy jeans to attend all kinds of high-class parties and appear on magazines and TV shows. But do you take note of many people all wearing Ed Hardy belts? Then, how to wear Ed Hardy belts to make fashion and different?

Ed Hardy tattoo belts come in different color schemes with different artistic designs. You need to choose the right color of tattoo belt that will match the colors of your Abercrombie shirt and pants. For example, if you are wearing light colored Abercrombie lounge pants, it is best if you can wear an Ed Hardy tattoo belt with darker colors. By mixing light colored pants and dark belt, your fashionable tattoo belt will be noticeable even from a distance. Make sure that the Abercrombie shirt that you will wear can match the color of your tattoo belt. This way, you can create the illusion that your tattoo belt is an integral part of your upper body clothing.

Choosing the right width of the Ed Hardy tattoo belt is also important. The width of your belt can make or break your look. If you have unsightly bulges on your midsection, then it would be best to wear wider and light colored Ed Hardy tattoo belt. This type of belt can hide your bulges especially if you can match it with loose fitting Abercrombie shirts and pants. Be careful though not to look too classy with your wide belt so you can avoid looking like a punk artist. If you are going to wear wide belt, choose one that will have subdued tattoo designs so your attire will not be too jazzy for comfort. If you are wearing a skirt and a casual V-neck shirt, it is best if you can use a slim but colorful Ed Hardy tattoo belt.

You should also consider the type of buckle of your tattoo belt. As a rule of thumb, if you are wearing leather made dark shoes, the best belt buckle you can wear should be gold or copper plated. If you are wearing ultra casual rubber shoes or sneakers, silver buckle Ed Hardy tattoo belt is best. However, you should also consider the color schemes of your Abercrombie shirt. It should also match the buckle of your belt. If you are wearing solid color Abercrombie shirt, it is best to wear a gold buckled tattoo belt. Silver buckles are best to wear if your Abercrombie shirt is darker than your pants.

From the above information, we know that you need to choose the right tattoo belt in terms of color, width, and design so it will match your casual attire and the shoes you wear. In fact, we all know that a good and cool belt will make your dress perfect. So, choose the fashionable Ed Hardy belts right now!

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