Clinical Trial Investigates The Positive Effects Of Omega-3 Fats on Dry-Eye Syndrome

04 Feb

Orlando, FL— February 04, 2015 — Millions of people from around the world are suffering from dry eye syndrome. This eye condition can be troublesome, and can cause inconvenience to sufferers. While there are eye drops and treatments available to remedy this problem, there are also natural ingredients that sufferers can add on to their diet to fight the condition.

Clinical trial investigates the positive effects of omega-3 fats on dry eye syndrome. This eye condition is a result of an insufficient amount of tears needed to lubricate the ocular surface. It can also be caused by other factors such as environmental irritants, or being in a dusty or dry area.

Dry eye syndrome causes sufferers to deal with red, dry eyes or excessive tears. Sufferers often have difficulties reading or driving at night. There are also individuals who suffer from vision problems, especially when looking at a computer screen. Artificial tears that often come in an eye drop form are often used to fix the problem. However, it seems that adding omega-3 fats in one’s diet can provide benefits to sufferers.

In a comprehensive clinical trial, the researchers studied the effects of omega-3 fats on individuals who suffered from dry eye syndrome. They aimed at assessing whether the supplements could potentially produce significant improvements on sufferers.

There were 518 participants who were over 16 years of age as well as 268 females and 254 males. While they did not experience other pre-existing ocular disease, they had symptoms of dry eye. They also did not undergo LASIK surgery and did not have a history of hepatitis, liver disease, pregnancy, diabetes, or psychiatric disorder. They were also prohibited to use contact lenses or topical medications during the three-month trial period.

Most of all, the participants all came from the foothills and plains of northern India. The place has a  windy, dry climate and exposes the participants to UV rays, which causes dry eye syndrome. The diet of the participants also lacked omega-3 fats.

After the trial period, it was found that 65 percent of the participants who took omega-3 fats supplements did not experience the symptoms of dry eye syndrome anymore. There were also 35 percent of them who experienced moderate improvement in their symptoms.

Today, there are fish oil supplements available in the market. What makes these supplements advantageous is that they typically contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain little to no environmental pollutants such as mercury and heavy metals, which are typically found in fish (
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