Austin, Texas; 11/07/2013 Coffee, Kill Boss directed by Nathan J. Marshall was premiered at the twentieth Austin Film Festival and marked the beginning of this highly reputed festival. The movie follows along the exploits of high ranked executives at an American company as a sadistic killer gradually hunts them down. The film can be described as an indie comedic thriller and has already turned out to be a favourite at the Austin Film Festival. The lead role is played by Eddie Jemison and Noureen DeWulf as the ‘CEO’ and ‘Office Temp’. The performance of Oscar Award nominee, Robert Froster who has also starred in movies like Jackie Brown and The Descendants is highly unforgettable. W. Camerom Tucker who plays the role of ‘Harv Spence’ in the film has worked in different TV series as well as short films. Most of his performances have received high recognition. The entire plot revolves around a modern day holding corporation which has made its transformation from a hog bellies tannery. 

Henry Wood (Eddie Jemison) plays the role of a self-described, lifelong employee of the company who was denied the company reins after his father died 3 months ago. The Board decided to appoint Walt Ford (Robert Froster) as the interim president over Henry Wood. The top management of the company has now gathered awaiting an acquisition offer which can make them rich beyond their imaginations and deny Henry of his rights. However, things began to take a turn as they found out that Walt Ford has committed suicide. From this point onwards things begin to change drastically as nobody feels safe and one by one they are murdered by some mystery killer. CoffeeKill Boss has been penned by Sigurd Ueland and interestingly, the script for the movie was a finalist at Austin Film Festival, 2011. The well defined characters and witty dialogue from Ueland offers the movie with an inspiring touch, ideal for the present day audiences. Almost every actor who has worked in this film has done a great job in the characters they have played and offered the audience with different characters at the same time. 

Even though, this dark comedy might sound more like a tragic thriller, the tone and music has offered the film with a different touch. The entire plot for the movie has been pulled up by Ueland based on his real life experiences of working at some corporate office. This movie is the first produced feature from Ueland which has already started to script a success story at this prestigious film festival. The movie can best be described as an ideal mix of ‘Office Space’, ‘Clue’ and ‘Ghostbusters’. 

About W. Cameron Tucker 


W. Cameron Tucker plays the role of Harv Spence in the movie, Coffee, Kill Boss. Apart from his acting career in different TV series and short films, he has also produced three short films which include Buried Beneath, Finale and Broken Harmony.