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21 Jan

(Submit Articles) Owning a Gucci wallet is the ultimate statement of luxurious fashion. It says you have good taste and you are not afraid to show it. Some women really would do anything for a Gucci wallet wouldn’t they! It makes you feel like a walking billboard that makes you look hip and fashion savvy always.

The much recognized and celebrated Gucci product has some very modest beginnings. It was founded in the era of 1920s by a man named Guccio Gucci. They initially began making saddles for horses and some leather items in the city of Florence in the famous fashion heaven of Italy. Guccio was actually a merchant’s son and came from northern Italy. He soon began hiring fine draftsmen from all over the world and gradually earned quite a reputation for the great quality of the items. In the year 1938 he launched a small shop in the city of Rome, Italy. By 1947 he had invented the creative line of Gucci handbags which were made with bamboo handles.

These handles are still popular and sought after. The trademark striped webbing concept which was used in Gucci products were actually derivatives from horse saddles. Later they were developed in the year 1950s by Guccio Gucci himself. He had six children out of which four sons who later had noteworthy responsibilities in the company of Gucci. After the demise of Guccio Guccie in the year 1953 the sons put up outlets in the cities of Paris, New York and London. It was in the 1960s that the House of Gucci began gaining such eminence for their creative designs.

Gucci wallet and handbags are definitely not the only quality products manufactured by the designer label. The brand has gotten themselves an excellent status for their superior accessories which also include things like perfumes and watches.

With all the celebrity endorsements from famous actresses like the fashion chic Elizabeth Hurley and the elegant beauty Gwyneth Paltrow, Gucci wallet and handbags have multiplied their fans and gained more customers especially in the women who like to be seen tasteful divas. The stature of the label’s modern development came about in the 60s and 70s and is growing higher still.

Gucci wallets and handbags have become the epitome of class in the streets of urban style centers all over the world. They are now bigger than most other brands in the merchandise group of luxury accessories. For online buying, you should visit online shopping venues with a reputable history and feedback and check out auctions where you might land yourself a much reduced price version. This way you can save some money while still having the luxury. Just make sure you are using a reliable and trusted online location. Ebay and Nextag can be good places to look for these online auctions and you can get yourself a Gucci wallet in prices that may amaze you. Keep your eye out for a good deal and you just might get one.

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