For commercial fitness equipment hire, the Active8 Deluxe Treadmill- Light commercial version is the company’s premium light/ domestic commercial treadmill. The machine can be hired for a period of four, eight, sixteen, twenty eight weeks, thirty two weeks and fifty two weeks.  The rental price per week is at thirty one Euros for the four week hire package, the eight week hire package is charged at thirty Euros.




A cross trainer hire available is the Ultim8 Fully Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer is regarded to be one of the most smooth and solid elliptical cross trainer machines that are in the market presently. The reason it has such quality and a luxurious feel is the oversize pedals and the particularly long stride length. This Cross Trainer has its own in-built generator and therefore there is no need for power cables and it has sixteen levels of resistance that have a super smooth feel. The console is also top of the line, and the machine has a complete selection of  up to ten programs that include the HRC and user defined programs.




The Elliptical hire available is the Synergy LS7000 elliptical x-trainer is a really great looking trainer machine. It has a firm gym feel and it also has different stride length options that can be adjusted. A client who wants to hire the machine for four weeks, it will be a weekly cost of twenty Euros. If the client wants to hire the machine for eight weeks, it costs nineteen Euros every single week it is under hire. The hire cost per week for the sixteen weeks hire is at a cost of seventeen Euros and fifty cents.  If the client wants to hire the machine for twenty eight weeks hire package, the client will have to incur a cost of sixteen Euros every single week.