Community Shopper has announced today that it will donate $1 to the American Red Cross for each product unit sold as part of the group-based offers completed through its social shopping site.

Malibu, CA, January 18, 2010 - Community Shopper, Inc., ( a social networking shopping site where the power of the "group buy" community forces deep discounts on retail items, announced today that it will donate $1 to the American Red Cross for each product unit sold as part of the group-based offers completed through its social shopping site.

As part of its core mission and values, and in the spirit of helping the greater community, Community Shopper has committed to deliver its donation to the American Red Cross in support of their ongoing Haitian earthquake relief efforts.

How the Donation Offer Works
For each group-based offer listed on the company’s group deal website, Community Shopper will donate $1 for each unit associated with any offer that successfully closes between today and February 28, 2010. For example, if an offer for 20 units of a Twitter Software product closes before the end of February, Community Shopper will donate $20 to the American Red Cross.

In addition to this standing offer-based donation model, Community Shopper has also created a special offer where people can donate $5 to the American Red Cross through the Community Shopper site. With this offer, Community Shopper has pledged to contribute an additional dollar to each $5 donation received as part of the special offer - making each individual donation valued at $6. This special offer, which requires 100 people to group together before the donation is made, is scheduled to run until January 31, 2010. If this offer reaches 100 donors before the end of January, the Community Shopper members will together donate a total of $500 and Community Shopper will contribute an additional $100 - a total of $600 to the American Red Cross.

The details of the special American Red Cross for Haitian Earthquake Relief offer can be found at:

About Community Shopper, Inc.
Community Shopper, Inc. represents a true revolution in the way we shop for the products we want most. Community Shopper began because we, too, are shoppers and we were not happy with the old way of doing things. The choices were: compete against other shoppers for the same item in an auction, which forced the "winner" to pay more - or pay full retail to vendors who were stuck selling their products one unit at a time. Enter Community Shopper - the game changer - there’s no looking back now! Community Shopper members join together and buy items together as a group. Vendors can sell their products at the lowest prices possible because they sell many items together at the same time. Everybody wins!

How Community Shopper Works
It’s simple. It’s powerful.

1. Browse through and search the Community Shopper offers to find amazing deals on the products you want.

2. See a deal you want in on - join other Community Shopper members who also want that item and tell us "I am in!" before the offer expires.

3. Watch the Community Shopper cart head toward the target umber of items specified by the seller - when the cart reaches the target within the specified time, the deal is yours!

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