(Mass Media Release) Earth4Energy ““ a detailed guide for common people to develop own solar panels at less than $200. Usually a solar panel bought from retailer will cost no less than $20,000 but the Earth4Energy solar panel guide teaches you to make effective solar panels in less than $200.

An initiative by two partners ““ Michael and Mark ““ their guide is a complete resource of renewable energy system for developing solar power at home. With dwindling natural resources, solar power is the fuel of the future. The solar energy panels harnesses solar energy and converts into renewable source of electricity for your home.

The homemade solar power can be utilized with any appliance/s. Each panel created produces 120 watts of power and when several solar panels are joined produces 1KW of power. In fact, the Earth4Energy DIY solar panels reduce your electricity bills too.

The package comes in six parts:

1. Introduction to solar energy
2. Detailed building your solar panel plan
3. Solar calculator, installing panels, and solar tax credits or rebates
4. A comprehensive video series
5. A kit to make a wind turbine
6. An Earth4Energy e-kit as Bonus; containing new animated solar panel videos

The guide contains detailed format for each step in solar panel building. Voted the best by thousands of people, the Earth4Energy kit is your way to save money on electricity bills, channelise natural solar energy and the best medium to go “Ëœgreen’.

Try the guide today for only $49!

Full Contact Information:

Adam Armstrong
1322 South 200 East
Salt Lake City , UT

Website: http://www.Earth4EnergyBlog.com