(Submit Articles) Conjunctivitis is an eye disorder caused due to the inflammation of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is the membrane lining the eyelids and encapsulating the exposed surface of the eye ball. The conjunctiva is prone to infection because bacteria often throng the eye lids all the way down to the shaft of the eye lashes, and for protection against the attack of bacteria, the eye has to depend only on lysozyme, an enzyme constituting tears. Therefore the defense mechanism is not that strong, and the eye is not sterile.

The main causes of conjunctivitis include bacteria or virus infestations, allergies, exposure to chemicals or some underlying health disorder. The bacteria that commonly cause conjunctivitis are staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci, and Chlamydia trachomatis. About 50% of cases of conjunctivitis are due to bacteria. Infectious conjunctivitis is highly contagious.

Conjunctivitis can also occur due to allergens like pollen grains, pollutant like dust, smoke, due to household cleaners and even chemicals. Underlying diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, cytomegalovirus, lupus, ulcerative colitis, herpes zoster and Crohn’s disease may cause conjunctivitis. Changes in pressures in the head may also result in conjunctivitis. The above conditions are non-infectious. Conjunctivitis is also known as pink eye disease because it causes pinkness or redness in eye with a discharge of sticky greenish-yellow fluid from eyes.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

1. Redness in eyes
2. Eye pain
3. Swelling of eyes
4. Watery discharge that causes eyelids to stick together and one feels difficulty in opening eyes in the morning.
5. A gritty feeling in the eyes
6. Intense itching
7. Swelling of lymph nodes in front of near.
8. Burning sensation in the eyes
9. Excessive tearing
10. Sneezing
11. Runny nose
12. Fever
13. Blurred vision

Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis

1. One may use a decoction prepared by boiling dry coriander leaves in water. This decoction may be used as an eye wash. It can check oozing from eyes.

2. Rose water may be used as an eye drop.

3. Powdered alum may be mixed with rose water, carefully filtered and the solution may be used as an eye drop.

4. Chamomile tea bags may be pressed against closed eyes for about 10 minutes at a time. This treatment would relieve the burning sensation in the eyes.

5. Dabbing the affected eye with a cotton ball soaked in freshly extracted juice of Bilva leaves is an effective home remedy for conjunctivitis.

6. Marigold, rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, may be used as a compress to treat conjunctivitis.

7. Splashing of cold water frequently in to eyes can give relief from itching.

8. Calendula extracts may be used as an eye wash. Its anti-inflammatory properties check the itching.

9. Few drops of honey may be mixed with warm water and the solution may be used as a beneficial eye cleanser. The treatment gives relief from burning and itching.

10. Jasmine flowers may be soaked in distilled water overnight, and then the water may be strained and used as an eye drop. This is an excellent way of controlling eye discharge.

11. Eyebright tincture may be mixed in warm water, and the solution may be used to treat conjunctivitis effectively.

12. Cotton balls soaked in salt water may be used as compress. This kills infection causing germs.

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